How To Catch Whitefish Tips and Techniques

Whitefish hooks
Small Hooks For Whitefish

If you live in Canada or the upper parts of the United states there is a good chance you have tried to catch yourself one of these guys. A popular species both in the summer time as well as the winter, lake whitefish are distinctly identified by their very small mouths. Some say fishing for whitefish can be boring but we are going to go over the fishes life cycle as well as give you the bait and lures needed to make your lake whitefish fishing experience a great one.

Basics of Lake Whitefish

WhitefishOften compared to Cisco these Whitefish do in fact share some of the same qualities mostly due to its adipose fin. Unlike cisco these whitefish have a very distinct short lower jaws that make its upper jaw extend over and down. These fish enjoy staying at the bottom to feed. Their feed includes lake floor debris as well as larvae and plankton.

Whitefish tend to enjoy cooler water, this is probably due to the fact that colder water is higher in oxygen. Mostly found in lakes these kinds of fish have also been markedh near fast moving waters and rapids. These fish have been widely acclaimed as one of the best kinds of fish to be caught through the ice.

Lake Whitefish Spawning habits usually take place in shallower waters, late summer and fall is when these fish tend to start reproducing. Like most fish the whitefish like to spawn where the lake floors are of pebble or gravel.

When it comes to meal time these fish enjoy a diet of bottom insects such as snails and small clams. A few arch nemesis of the Lake whitefish are the Northern pike as well as Lake trout. Sea lamprey are the most common parasite species that are effecting the whitefish and chances are you will notice there damage when you reel in a whitefish, that’s if they are not on it when you do.

Lake Whitefish Methods, Lures and Baits

  • Hook and Worm– This is on of the most popular ways to catch a Lake Whitefish.
  • Tier-drop Jig with Meal Worm– Ever see someone patiently jigging while sitting on a bucket? Chances are this is the methods they are using and in most cases it is the best way to catch Lake Whitefish
  • Ice Fishing– In the winter months ice fishing for Lake Whitefish is very popular among angles. Set-ups include small spoons, barrel swivels, teardrop, all using a wax worm at the end.
  • Night Fishing– One of the best times to catch a feeding whitefish is to get them at nightfall. These fish do most of there feeding at night as the tend to rise up from deeper waters.
  • Small Baits– Due to the small size mouths of these fish they are sometime hard to land. Small hooks and baits are key when trying to catch a whitefish.


Whitefish are prized fish both for recreational fishing as well as commercial fishing, and catching these fish can be a blast. Native to area of the great lakes many people from all over the United states and Canada make the trek to try and catch these types of fish. Whether its at night or during the day Lake Whitefish still remain one of the best tasting and best fish to have on the line.