What Is The Best Way To Catch Walleye?

So a lot of our readers are walleye anglers, and really want to know the answer to the age old question: what is the best way to catch walleye? Well if you’re just getting started make sure you check out our detailed walleye fishing tips section to help familiarize yourself with the species and their habits. Now I have numerous different methods that I use when going for this species, but this post will detail my 2 most successful methods. Walleye really aren’t that difficult to target, contrary to popular believe. The key is knowing their patterns and where they hang out. Walleye will migrate and have different hangouts throughout the year so keep that in mind. However they bite all year round- as long as you know what you are doing. There are 2 techniques that I use over and over again with huge success when going for walleye. I can spend hours ranting about how to catch walleye and which lures are best, but below are the two best techniques to land trophy walleye depending on the time of day.

During The Day

During the day the sun is out and walleye are deep. Walleye will hang out right on bottom, usually 15 feet or more. Use your fish finder and try and find areas with large drop offs (areas that go from a few feet to 15+ feet in seconds). These are usually hot spots during the day. You then have two options:

1. A hook and a jig- bound the jig right off bottom and slowly move around the deep hole. You can either troll very slowly while bouncing bottom or you can cast and retrieve. Make sure you hook the worm through the head and let the body dangle off the hook, walleye love this. This is a great technique when you find smaller walleye holes.

2. Your next option is a bottom bouncer + worm harness + worm combo. This is a walleye killer. Using this rig you can troll right on bottom and cover a lot of ground. This is my go to option especially when I find deep holes that go for several feet- think dredged out shipping holes. Just be sure that the bottom bouncer is right on bottom, and make sure the bottom is sandy and not full of weeds.

During the Early Mornings or Night

This is the best time to land trophy walleye. They are on the hunt in the dark making them easy to target. Walleye will come into the shallows to attack bait-fish during these times. This is why I absolutely love using crank baits. My two favorite that seem to work great for me are a pearl colored Bomber or a Husky Jerk Clown. You can troll or cast and retrieve right along shore lines of about 10 feet or less.

When using either technique move very slowly. I find walleye strike best when you troll or retrieve your line at an extremely slow pace. These are my best techniques I use for landing trophy walleye.

Comment below and let us know your best techniques for landing big walleye.

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