How To Catch Perch Fishing Tips and Techniques

Great Perch Spinners
Great Perch Spinners

perch1Welcome to our perch fishing tip section. If you’re interested on learning how to catch perch you have come to the right place. Although small, perch are very desirable fish to target and are prized by many anglers. Taste wise, perch have a similar flavor profile to walleye making them one of the best tasting fresh water catches. Perch are small but can usually be caught by the dozen making them worth your while to target. They are not that difficult to catch, and can be fished for by boat and off shore. Perch are very agile and will put up a pretty good fight given their size. Below is some information that will help you better target and land this great fish. First you should start by learning a little bit about this fish and how it behaves.

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Perch Background Information

Beautiful Perch Colors

Perch belong to the genus Perca. The freshwater perch that most of us anglers target is referred to as the yellow perch. This fish is known for its delicious taste by many. Perch are small carnivores, and only grow to be slightly over 12 inches. They range in weight but are usually quite small, and rarely get to be over 2 lbs. Perch have a very sharp spine on their back and have small but sharp teeth. They are usually located in smaller lakes, rivers, and ponds. They often travel in schools meaning that when you find one there are usually more around. They feed on smaller fish and insect. I have however seen small perch attack lures of nearly equivalent size. They spawn in the spring, but are usually pretty easy to catch all year round. Many anglers will specifically target perch in the winter time. At this time perch are usually a bit larger and are often referred to as jumbo perch.

Perch Fishing Tips and How To Catch Perch

Fall Caught Perch

You don’t need thick line or a big rod to fish perch. 6 lb test line and a lightweight rod is all you need. These fish love live bait. Your absolute best chance at catching a perch is on live bait.

Use small hooks. These are not big fish, so you will need very small hooks to ensure the fish swallows your bait. A small hook and a piece of a worm will work wonders for you.

Try minnows. My personal favorite is a piece of worm, but when that just isn’t cutting it then use a minnow. Minnow also seem to work better when ice fishing perch.

Try a spinner. Small spinners will attract the perch, especially on a sunny day.

Fish rock beds and weed beds. These small fish prey on other small species. This means that you won’t find perch in large open bodied of water.

Fish the morning or right after dinner. These tend to be the two best times to catch them- however they can be landed all day long.

Perch will often hang around other smaller fish such as rock bass. Usually once you find one there are plenty lingering around that same area. Trolling or casting over weed beds works great too.

Perch Lures and Bait

Live live live. Only use live bait if you want to catch perch. It is by far the best way to land them. Sure you can catch them on plastic worms-but nothing works as well as live bait.

The good old hook sinker and worm set up works like a charm for these little guys. Use a half of a worm and curl it a few time around your hook like a ball.

Spinners tipped with a worm

Small Jig heads + a worm or minnow seem to work well also – the jig color usually doesn’t matter

Perch will often swallow your entire hook if it is small enough. If you hook is too big they will usually just pick at the bait and leave you wormless.

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