Fishing Gear Reviews

Stock Up On The Right Gear
Stock Up On The Right Gear

Welcome to our fishing gear page. Here we will review tons of great fishing gear and compile comprehensive guides to help you choose the right equipment. There is just so many different fishing products out there that it can be difficult to choose which ones are keepers and which ones are junk. We here at Fishing Tips Guru will sort through all the junk and will find the gems so that you can get the most for your money. Check out our recent buying guides below:

Fishing_watchBest Fishing Watch Reviews

A good fishing watch a really important piece of gear to the serious fisherman. Many anglers are unaware that such technology even exists! These devices can help step up your game by providing you with some crucial data while on the water.

RiggersBest Downrigger Reviews

A detailed buying guide to help our anglers choose between a manual or electric downrigger. We go through the basic pros and cons and finish off with a top 3 list to help you make an informed decision when buying your next pair of downriggers.


Best Fishing Line Reviews 2017

A comprehensive guide on choosing the most appropriate fishing line. We sort out the different styles of lines, the pros and cons of each, our personal favorites, and end off the guide with some quick product reviews.


Best Fish Finder Reviews

Find all you need to know before you purchase yourself one of the most used and popular piece of fishing equipment on the market. Find out a little more on your favorite brands and models.

Trolling motor reviews 2016

Best Trolling Motor Reviews

If your wanting to know more about trolling motors than this is the page for you. Spend time researching the best products and make the most of your trolling motor purchase.

Best Fishing Reel Reviews 2017

Best Fishing Reel Reviews

If there is one thing anglers rely on most its our reels. Here we review and talk about some of the most popular fishing reels on the market and what to look for.

Best Underwater Fishing Camera Reviews

If your looking for an edge on those hard to catch fish species then an underwater fish camera is what your looking for. These cameras allow you to see the fish from above.

Best Inflatable Fishing Boat Reviews

Sometimes an inflatable boat is key for getting into smaller rivers, streams, and inland lakes. Check out our inflatable fishing boat buying guide for more information.

Best Fishing Plier Reviews

Every fisherman needs a good set of fishing pliers. In this buying guide we discuss the different types of pliers and some unique features to make your life a little easier on the lake.

Best Fishing Fillet Knife Reviews

When it comes to choosing a fillet knife, you cant settle for less. In this fillet knife review and buying guide we will outline what FTG thinks is the best fillet knife for you to invest in.

Best Fishing Wader Reviews

Finding the best pair of waders can be tough. That is why in this reviews and buying guide we made it easy to choose the right pair for the right situation.