How To Catch Bullhead Catfish Tips and Techniques

bullhead1Welcome to our brown bullhead catfishing section of the site. Fishing for bullhead can be fun, and is actually quite easy. A beginner can easily target bullhead and come home with lots of fish. These fish are relatively easy to catch and don’t require any expensive tackle. Many people will go for these fish in small ponds and creeks right off shore meaning you don’t need a boat. When going for this species you can usually leave the lake with dozens of fish if you know what you’re doing. Bullhead give a decent fight, and taste pretty good if you have the right recipe making them a pretty desirable fish. If you are just looking for a relaxing day near the water and want to have some rod action then this is the fish for you. Once you find one you’ll be reeling them in left and right. Before getting into the tips, here is a little background information on the species.

Brown Bullhead Catfish Background Information and Facts

Bullhead catfish belong to the genus Ameiurus. The major focus of this article is on brown catfish. They are differentiated from other catfish by their square tailfins. They can survive in low oxygenated ponds and lakes. They can survive out of water for prolonged times as well. Usually they are found in muddy ponds and streams that have little current. They are small fish and usually weight in around 1 to 2 lbs. Many consider this fish to be very palatable especially if caught in colder waters. They are schooling fish, meaning that if you find one there will be many others around. They have very diverse diets and will eat literally anything in their paths. They swim near the bottoms of lakes and ponds and will eat anything form insects to minnows to debris. They prefer darker murkier waters with very little current. They do not bit well in the sun, unless they are sheltered by things such as bridges, muddy waters, trees, etc. Mouths of rivers and streams where food flows in are key spots for these fish. Muddy bottoms are the best for catching bullheads. This is usually where insects can be found so bullheads will congregate in these areas making them easy to target. They mainly hunt their prey based on scent and movement.

How To Catch Brown Bullhead Catfish and Fishing Tips

Catching bullhead is easy once you’ve located them. Plastics and mimic lures do not work well on these fish. Anything live will work great. Things that work well for catfish are:
• Worms
• Crayfish
• Bugs/insects
• Minnows
• Cheese
• Bread
• Lunchmeats
• Bacon
• Leeches
• And many other grocery products

Yes, the list looks a little weird at first but trust me that all of these items work great for bullhead. The reason is simple, bullhead hunt based on scent. Any kind of live bait will attract the fish and create a strike. My personal favorite is a piece of cheddar cheese cut into a small square. It is tough and will stay on the hook, and it will produce a scent that attracts the catfish. Below are my top fishing tips to catch brown catfish.

Find murky or muddy waters. These areas work best for catching bullheads. If you can find a bridge or overhead structure that provides shade for the fish than you are in the right spot.

Fish right on bottom. Literally right on the bottom. Attach a piece of live bait or food to a hook with a sinker and let it sit on bottom. The bullhead will find it and suck it up. There is really no need to troll or cast and retrieve when targeting these fish.

This is really all you need to know to catch dozens of bullhead. Once you get one you know you’re in the right spot. Simply cast out and let your bait sit on bottom until one comes around. Good luck!