Best Underwater Fishing Camera Reviews 2018

Underwater Fish Camera Buying Guide & Reviews

As technology advanced in the 90’s, underwater cameras created a huge impact on the capabilities and advantages freshwater recreational anglers were presented with. Fishing anglers quickly realized that they could get a clear underwater view of the fishing species habitat and presence without actually having to jump in the water.


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Can you imagine the benefits this technology offered anglers? Anglers using equipment like fish finders or sonar could also use these underwater camera’s to determine that the signals and indicators they are receiving are actually correct. Has the angler stumbled upon a dredge filled with pickerel, or is a crevasse full of rocks? An underwater camera removes all the guess work. This education can also help increase the anglers ability to better interpret was their fish finder or sonar are reading. This is especially important in saving time and energy.

Underwater cameras allow the angler to study hot spots and become familiar with the terrain in which they are fishing. Is the terrain full of rocks, weeds, is there cover that fish are hiding under, logs, bait fish, or holes and pockets that would be best targeted.

Over time and as technology has advanced, underwater cameras have without a doubt been able to change the sport of fishing. Colored images, zoom in and zoom out capabilities, underwater lighting for better visibility, and self propelling systems are just a few of some of the great features these cameras can provide.

Which underwater cameras standout and present as the best underwater fishing camera?

Aqua-Vu Micro 5

The Aqua-Vu features portable performance in the form of the new designed Micro 5. This model offers clarity and sharp color in a convenient handheld design. The camera’s high-resolution, 5-inch color LCS display comes complete with a factory waterproof case and also a sunshield-screen protector. Other camera features include 3X digital zoom capabilities, enhanced color optics, and fully adjustable IR lighting for when water conditions are unfavorable and dark. This all comes wrapped in a built-in DVR that includes 8-gig internal memory. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to eight hours run time.

MarCum VS825SD

Powered by Sony Super HAD II CCD optics and a large 8-inch, high-definition LCD display, this MarCum demonstrates impressive color and clarity. A unique feature is the camera’s self-adjusting iris. This iris gathers light in all conditions. Marcum advertises that the flat-panel screen is about three times brighter than previous models, offering an astonishing 800 X 600 pixel resolution. Standard features include depth, temp, battery voltage data, and all-condition LED lighting. MarCum packs a 12-volt, 9-amp rechargeable battery with 75 feet of Kevlar-reinforced cable into this unit. Also included is a soft pack and battery charger.

Ocean Systems SplashCam Deep Blue Pro

Ocean Systems is a long-time commercial leader specializing in all forms of underwater video. Anglers can benefit from Ocean Systems Deep Blue Pro, which offers commercial-grade performance and durability at a competitive pricing. Adjustable strain-relief all the operator to maneuver the camera vertically, horizontally, attach it to a down rigger cable, even tow it at high speeds on the top-water surface. Powered with a high-resolution Sony EXview, this color camera features a recessed, scratch-proof lens, and LED lighting bright enough for any environment. This particular model comes in 3 variations.

MarCum LX-9 Sonar/Camera

It serves as no surprise that MarCum makes the list for a second time. MarCum’s LX-9 features both sonar and camera capabilities. Have it all in one piece of equipment! The LX-9 works great for all types of fishing, including ice-fishing. The 8-inch color LCD flat screen has a built-in DVR with instant playback. The display provides the operator with four color palettes and what MarCum classifies as a “dashboard” containing pertinent data. The Sonar functions on a dual-beam 8- and 20-degree transducer cone angle. This allows for advanced zooming, bottom lock, and interference rejection. The camera component operates on a Sony Super HAD II CCD with Darkwater LED lighting. A padded case, rechargeable battery, charger, automatic panner, come standard with this model and package.

cFish R-1

From the folks who brought Cuddeback trail cams to hunters everywhere comes the cFish underwater system. Nestled in a lantern-like watertight housing, the light-gathering Sony EXview camera rotates relentlessly, continuously scanning the surroundings for fish, cover, and other subsurface points of interest. Using the tethered remote control fob, you can also pause the camera, or jog it 10 degrees to the left or right. The camera also sports nine Luxeon LEDs for nighttime or dark-water viewing. Other cool features include a 7-inch, high-resolution CRT monitor; on-screen directional indicator; durable softcase with built-in sunscreen; 12-volt battery; automatic charger; and 60-foot cable.

Aqua-Vu 715c

With a listing price of less than $300, Aqua-Vu’s 715c underwater camera is the best bargain you will find. Standard for the 700 series models, Aqua-Vu has incorporated a waterproof, 7-inch sunlight-viewable LCD monitor. High-definition color optics are stored inside a fish-profiled housing, which is strapped to the camera using a 50 foot cable. Even at under $300 Aqua-Vu has managed to include adjustable LED lighting, a 12-volt rechargeable battery, charger, and protective storage case. You will not find a better underwater camera at a comparable price.

AquaBotix HydroView

By far one of the coolest cameras on the market today. The AquaBotix HydroView is a remote-controlled, self-propelled underwater beast! Supported with a high-definition camera and LED lighting, the HydroView model propels quietly through the water. The operator can capture still shots or video as desired. This model comes equipped with 75 feet of cable, but if desired lengths of up to 500 feet are available for purchase. On two-hour battery run time, the HydroView can propel up to 5 knots! This is definitely one craft machine that has picked up loads of interest by consumers and competing manufacturers.