MotorGuide Wireless Edition Trolling Motor Review

MotorGuide Wireless Edition Trolling Motor

The MotorGuide Wireless Edition Trolling Motor has many features, but it also offers a solution for those who need to keep their hands free when they’re out fishing. Let’s take a closer look at this motor to see if it really fits your needs.


Specs and Best Features
With the MotorGuide Wireless Edition Trolling motor you have 6 options to choose from. Two of the options offer a 48-inch shaft with either a 45 or 55 pound peak thrust. Another two 55-pound peak thrust models are available with shaft lengths of either 54 or 60 inches. And finally, you can also choose between two 75-pound peak thrust models that come with either a 54 or 60-inch shaft.
All these models have the same features:


  • It comes with a foot control device, which allows you to wirelessly control the boat with its on-or-off, right-or-left, and fast-or-slow controls. You also have the option of getting the wireless handheld remote, which lets you control the boat using your thumb. You can use up to 4 wireless handhelds or foot pedals.
  • The durable and large gearbox offers a quick steering response and accurate course corrections with its 1-degree steering resolution.
  • The Cradle Lock Mount is exclusive to MotorGuide’s Wireless Edition. It has a small footprint and a quick-release feature. It can fit just about any boat you want to use.
  • With the quick-release mounting plate, installing the motor is quick and easy. It is made from tough extruded aluminum, and it makes a very secure connection when you lock it in place. You also won’t need a custom cover anymore, as you can stow the motor to a safer place when you can’t watch the boat or put it in your vehicle.
  • The shaft is made from composite material, and its strength is enhanced by its large diameter. It’s about 33% stronger than other shafts. In fact, it’s strong enough that MotorGuide offers a lifetime guarantee for this part.
  • The battery makes this trolling motor very silent and you get an extended battery life with the oversized brushes. There’s also a built-in battery life indicator with 4 levels of charge data.
Pros and Cons


Even at 45 pounds of thrust, you really get a lot of power with the MotorGuide Wireless Edition Trolling motor. It’s very easy to mount and release, so you can simply put it away anytime you want to. The durability is outstanding, and the convenient battery life and indicator makes life easier for you.
The problem is that the MotorGuide Wireless Edition Trolling motor makes a point of extolling its wireless capability, but it is not always reliable. Basically, you need to be very precise about where you place your foot pedals.
Should You Buy It?


It does offer many nice features, but the wireless controls are a gamble at best. While the most recent customer reviews indicate that MotorGuide has resolved this issue, some have found that you may have to place the foot pedal very close to the motor. The wireless control is a very convenient feature but it may take some time to learn how to use it.