Best Trolling Motor Reviews 2018

So this is it, you have finally convinced yourself to buy an electric trolling motor, but the most challenging question we ask ourselves is; which one? There are many models that spring flashy features but are they really worth it? Are the remote control units any good? The good new is that we have tested many different models and know the ins and outs of the best trolling motors on the market. Electric trolling motors are perfect for many sizes and makes of boats both aluminum and fiberglass. Electric motors deliver a great burst of power and can run a long time on a single charge if you get the proper motor.

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When it comes to choosing the right unit ask yourself the following questions:

Is it compatible with the rest of my on board equipment?

Am I buying the right thrust for the size and weight of my boat?

Most of the time we tend to look at the price thinking that you can get away with getting a unit with a lower thrust. That may work for some, but for the all day angler that can spell out trouble if currents start to pick up on you. Do not settle for an underpowered motor, it will be the biggest mistake you make when buying a troller. One thing we do recommend is wiring up a rechargeable power supply. Minnkota uses their own modual that hooks up to keep your trolling motor battery charged, others may be rigged directly to your main motors alternator, or if all else fails you may have to buy a portable solar panel that you can pull out during your fishing extravaganza (helps to know an electrician).

Ready to be entertained by some techy features? Well, now with a growing want for handheld and auto trolling units, many trollers can be outfitted with map synced devices like AutoPilot and Pinpoint. Eventually we can see boats driving themselves around to were they think the fish are, making it more enjoyable to JUST FISH and not have to worry about the mechanicals.

Why Buy an Electric Trolling Motor?

This piece of equipment is probably the most used on the boat. Anytime you are fishing shallows, trolling narrow rivers or even slow passing your favorite spot all fishermen use a trolling motor. It helps preserve hours and wear and tear on your big gas powered motor as well. Large gas powered motors cost tens of thousands of dollars, and preserving them is key. I know we like to state the obvious here but sometimes we overlook the fact that they actually serve us well on the water. The best thing about these units is that most, if not all, are powered by 12v DC batteries or power supplies. It really is a no brainier, if you are an avid fishermen and own a boat this piece of equipment is a must have. The yare so efficient and quite now a days that the fish don’t even hear it coming.

Our Tops Picks Reviewed For Electric Trolling Motors

Below are a few trolling motors that we have picked apart and are FTG approved! All of these Electric trolling motors are a great addition to any boat and make for one heck of a experience.

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