What Is The Best Time of the Day to Catch Pike

When it comes to targeting pike there are many things we as anglers need to take into consideration. Weather condition, the type of lures we use, and of course the time of day are all very important factors. Pike pretty much bite anything that you put in front of them, which is why time of the day plays a huge role in where they are located in the water. Personal experience and decades of pike fishing have helped us determine the best times to catch pike. Note that pike really can be caught all day long, you just need to adjust your fishing patterns to find the big ones. Pike are very territorial and will attack anything you throw at it which is why its all about determining where they are.

Morning Pike

Pike in the morning are more active than usual. Early morning right before the sun rises is an excellent time to target hungry pike. You can either find them in open or shallow water hunting down their first meal of the day. Great lures to use in the morning are jointed raps as well as top water splashers like a Hula Popper. Since waters are usually calm in the morning top water lures cause quite the commotion and pike are usually in the shallows looking for baitfish.

Afternoon Pike

After the morning hunt pike usually calm down and head to weed beds or deeper waters; especially when it is hot out. In the afternoon water levels heat up a bit making pike more lazy and difficult to catch. If you want to pike fish in thew afternoon try spinners and weedless spoons and troll them through weed beds. If the doesn’t work you can try deep diving rapalas and troll aroundin 25 feet of water. You may get lucky, but afternoon fishing for pike is usually not your best bet.

Night Pike

Pike will often get a second wind once the sun starts to go down and the water cools off. During this time the pike head out on the prowl again making them and easy target. Fish for pike in the evening just as you would in the AM. Just note that once the sun goes down and the water darkens the pike usually calm down again.

So What Time Do We Fish Pike At?

Well from our experience the best time to land monster pike over and over again is first thing in the morning. We like to head out right before the sun starts to come up. As soon as the sun starts to peak you can be sure to nail a few monsters so make sure your set up and ready to rumble. Pike do not feed in the dark of the night so when they head out in the AM they are starving and will attack everything in their path. At about 11 AM once the sun is shining hard we usually call it a day.