Best Lures For Catching Walleye

walleye1There really is nothing better in freshwater fishing than landing trophy walleye. I really can’t explain in words the rush you get when you reel in a 10 lb golden beauty. Of course everybody wants to catch massive walleye, but very few people do. One of the major reasons people cannot land these beauties is because they are using the wrong lures and bait. Big walleye got that big because they are smart and know how to survive; they can spot a fake lure from a mile away. If you want to catch these bad boys you need to know what your doing. This post is going to focus on the best walleye lures and rigs to help you catch yourself trophy walleye over and over again.

Well start with my personal favorite: the three way swivel. It is such a simple yet effective rig for catching big walleye over and over again. It also covers a ton of ground too since you troll with this set up. The only downfall this rig has is that it it terrible in weedy or rocky bottoms that contain lots of places to snag. The rig is quite simple. you add a three way swivel to your line with a foot of 6 lb test line and a large 3 oz sinker. On the other swivel loop you attach 4-6 feet of fluorocarbon line (harder for the fish to see) with a gold/red spinner worm harness (Berkley makes a nice one). Be sure to attacks the worm so that it is completely extended and about 8 inches long- walleye love this. Then simply troll with the sinker just barely hitting bottom.

Next on the list are crank baits. My personal favorite is the Rapala Husky Jerk (clown fish). It is a shallow diving crank bait and is excellent for trolling the banks and shallows during sunset or sunrise. During this time walleye come into the shallows and are really aggressive. The bright colors on this lure will attract the fish- just be sure to retrieve or troll and a very slow pace.

Now for the Wally Diver. Everybody good walleye hunter has one of these lying around in their tackle box. This is a legendary lure that has landed my trophy walleye over and over again. It dives really deep (20+ feet) to the deep areas of the lake where the golden beauties hide out. I personally like the yellow model and find it to be the most effective. Use this lure during the day when the walleye are deep down- you can troll and cast just go very slow.

Deep Diver Glass Perch
Deep Diver Glass Perch

Now its time to talk a little about Rapala’s Glass Perch. This is another shallow diving crank bait. This lure is most effective at night trolling the shallows. The colors resemble that of a small perch; a desirable meal for any trophy walleye. It can also be used in combination with a down rigger or a three-way swivel and sinker combo to wobble along the lake floor.

If your looking for a lure that won’t break the bank try out the Erie Dearie in orange. It is a modified jig with a spinner that really drives walleye crazy. You can attach a long dew worm or a leech to it for optimal results. I usually use this setup when the walleye just don’t seem to be biting the fake lures.

My last resort, anything in fire tiger colors. Fire tiger crank baits never seem to work that great for me, but they are always consistently decent. The colors seem to attract walleye all year round no matter what the season or the conditions. I use this as a last resort if they just don’t seem to be biting the other rigs.

Let us know what your best trophy walleye rig is in the comments below!

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