Best Lowrance Fish Finder 2018 Reviews & Buying Guide

Any fisherman will understand the frustration of going out in the lake and coming back to shore empty-handed. But in this day and age, no angler should wonder where the fish are hiding because there are devices that can help locate where the catch is in the lake. You can have the best reel and bait but get nothing if you end up fishing at a dry spot. That is why you need to get a handy Lowrance fish locator to help you know where you should be casting your line.

Fishing has become more efficient due to technological advancements with gadgets like fish finders. These gadgets are fitted with sonar that reflects sound waves in the water and returns a graphic representation of what is in the lake including the fish and objects in the range of the sonar. Another benefit of having a locator is that you can track your trails in the lake with a chart plotter, so you always know where to go back to get the biggest catch.

There are many types of fishing finders and choosing the right one for your needs depends on where and how you want to go fishing. In this review, we will look at fish finders from Lowrance, a brand known for its innovative gadgets. They have fish finders with top-of-the-line features as well as simpler models that will get the job.

Top 3 Lowrance Fish Finders & Reviews

Lowrance Elite 5

The Lowrance Elite 5 finder features a five-inch screen, a 26 channel GPS and +WAAS antenna, plug and play navigation and an external antenna. The unit comes with a swivel quick release mount, transducer, and a manual for installation and operation.

The Elite 5 uses a torpedo-shaped transducer that generates high frequencies at high speeds to create precise images of objects in the water and fish. It’s powered by 500 watts to produce dual frequencies of 455 and 800 kHz. Because of the high frequency, this chart plotter works best in waters not more than 250 feet deep. The 455 kHz frequency can be used to give precise readings at a broader range, and 800kH can be used for targeting.

The Elite 5 comes with inbuilt internal GPS of the US Basemap which offers more than 3000 detailed lake and coastal maps. Additionally, the plotter can be connected to an external GPS sensor to generate more maps. The unit comes with a micro memory card for added storage. Anglers can store 3000 waypoints and 100 routes in the card.

Another great feature of the Elite 5 is the DownScan Imaging. This model offers remarkable below the boat images of sea channels, thermocline as well as sharp images of the fish at 1000 feet deep. The elite series will give impressive readings at high boat speeds, so you don’t have to stop your boat every time you need to check the data.

You will experience top screen performance, user-friendly interface, and excellent quality sonar all at a reasonable price.

Lowrance Hook-3X Sonar

The Lowrance Hook-3X Sonar is an entry-level fish finder from this brand. This compact unit comes with all that you need for your fishing trip. It has a three-inch backlight color display with a decent resolution that’s easy to use in bright light. The gadget is easy to use with an easy interface and lots of buttons for various functions including setting the alarm for specific floor depths, so you don’t run aground and a zooming feature that lets you zoom up to 4X so you can focus on a particular area.

You get a choice of two frequencies: 83 kHz and 200 KHz. The 83 kHz Sonar lets you cover large areas with a 60-degree angle which is ideal for discovering large fish arches. But with the 200 kHz, you can see much more accurately and focus on targeting while at 20-degree angle. The system interprets the data, and on the screen, you will see the contours of the sea bottom, the thermocline and also show clear icons of fish in the location. This locator has a temperature tracker that helps you keep track sea bottom even when cruising at high speeds.

The Hook-3X is easy to set up on your boat with a quick release system so that when you are done, you can uninstall and store it at home. Furthermore, the screen angle can be adjusted as the bracket allows for tilting and swiveling. So, if you are looking for a simple fish locator to gauge the depth of waters around your boat and marking fishing locations easier, this gadget will do just that without breaking the bank.

Lowrance HDS-9 Gen2 Touch

Lowrance HDS-9 Gen2 Touch is the plotter for the avid angler who needs more features for the ultimate fishing experience. This is the latest entry from Lowrance, and it’s a feature-packed locator with many details to make navigating and locating the big catch in the ocean easy. With advanced mapping tool and high usability, you get the most comprehensive gadget in your fishing arsenal.
Perhaps the most exciting feature next to the mapping capabilities of the HDS-9 is the responsive 7-inch touchscreen. The display features SolarMax Plus display that makes viewing at any angle easy even in bright sun. Additionally, the touch screen is calibrated to withstand weather changes such that when its hot or cold, the touch function will perform exceptionally. It’s easy to set up with a quick release swivel bracket

The HDS- Gen2 has a built-in 83/200 kHz and 50/200 kHz Broadband sounder for 2D sonar which gives you accurate readings below the sea to 3000 feet. With four scanning channels and a radius scan of 328 meters, the plotter gives detailed high resolution images even when cruising at top speeds o 40mph. The incredible Structure Scan HD module offers 600 feet of side to side bottom coverage. With an LSS2 traducer, you get a dedicated down scan signal giving you fantastic imagery in the waters around your boat.

The plotter comes with dual SD card slots giving you sufficient storage for your maps and waypoints. It’s also compatible with mapping software such as Insight HD, Navionics and Insight Genesis. You can connect the device online thanks to an Ethernet port in the unit or connect wirelessly to Android and Apple phones. This is an expensive unit, but it’s worth every penny with its many amazing features.