Best Inflatable Fishing Boat Reviews 2018

Best Inflatable Fishing Boat Buying Guide & Reviews

Inflatable boats have evolved well beyond those old rubber rafts from the 90’s. These multi-purpose watercraft’s have become extremely popular and desirable for a multitude of anglers.  A portable, stable, low-cost alternative to an aluminum or fiberglass boat, inflatable boats can offer similar luxuries. Most brands and models offer inflatable boats geared to the avid fisherman and include features like rod holders, storage compartments and of course motor mounting capabilities. Some inflatable fishing boats with hard bottoms can mount motors of up to 25hp!

Which boats are best suited for anglers needs?

Intex Seahawk 4

The Intex Seahawk 4 is classified as an affordable entry to mid-level blow up boat that serves well for short cruises or fishing. The large floor layout offers sufficient space for up to four, so you and your family or friends can enjoy the outdoors together. Head out swimming, fishing, or just to enjoy  nature’s beauty.

The Seahawk 4 is a sturdy 30 gauge thick PVC vinyl that is tough enough to withstand most abrasions and punctures. Even in the worst of situations, if you do happen to puncture the boat there is no reason to be alarmed, the Seahawk 4 contain 3 separate air chambers so you will remain afloat and can safely reach shore. Having experienced this boat first hand, it would take a lot of effort to cause a puncture.

Build in ore locks as well as built in rod holders made this boat a pleasure to fish in. I personally purchased the motor mount kit and mounted a Mini-Kota 35lb thrust motor to this boat and it was pure joy. I was able to easily navigate into shallow bays and areas where larger boats would not be able to reach.

The Seahawk 4 is an excellent boat in which you will not be disappointed!

Solstice Sportster 3-Person Runabout Dinghy

The Solstice Sportster is more of a professional-level inflatable boat.  It features extremely durable construction and high quality components to ensure that operators can explore with piece of mind. Perfect for fishing, exploring, and summer fun at the beach or cottage.

The Sportster’s hull consists of a high-grade PVC, layered over 3-ply, 500 denier fabric.  This boat is advertised as abrasion and puncture resistant, so you won’t have to worry about running it up on shore or brushing against rocks in shallow water. Similar to the Seahawk 4, three high-pressure air chambers provide superior buoyancy and stability. The Sportster is equipped with heavy-duty D rings for mooring or towing assistance. The high-strength aluminum floor is marine quality and provides firm, rigid support.

This Solstice Sportster model incorporates swivel oar locks. It can be propelled with an outboard motor of up to 4HP and is compatible with either gas or electric motors. This boat can really move!

An aluminum bench seat allows it’s users the ability to remain elevated from the floor. The capacity rating is listed for up to three adults, but some user reviews have claimed that it can be a pretty tight squeeze, especially if you are backing fishing gear or a cooler.

The Solstice Sportster condenses into a pack not much larger than a sleeping bag and can be transported in the trunk of most vehicles.

With an inflation time of only 20 minutes, using the included pump, you can be unloaded and on the water in no time.

Intex Mariner 4

The Mariner 4  was released from Intex’s Professional Series of boats, which advertises its slick engineering for maximum performance, comfort, and rigidity.  Compared to its competition it is one of the higher-priced boats in this class, but users agree it is worth the extra cost.

The Intex Mariner 4 uses SUPER-TOUGH triple layered PVC, which can resist the corrosive effects of gasoline and those harmful UV rays. As mentioned above, its exceptional engineering and superior durability and performance will last for years of use. This model incorporates a protective rock guard around the hull for extra stability, strength and protection.

Constructed with four separate air chambers, the Intex Mariner 4 features incredible buoyancy and resiliency. The keel is also inflatable, which provides above average maneuverability and handling.

There is no doubt that Intex has put a lot of thought into ensuring the small details provide comfort and convenience to its users. This Mariner 4 model comes standard with rotating oar locks, oar holders, two fishing rod holders, and designated  battery and gear pouches.