Okuma Classic Level Wind Trolling Reel Review

The Okuma Fishing Tackle Classic Level Wind Star offers a variety of attractive features that will undoubtedly appeal to many different anglers. It can be hard to find the right trolling reel with so many options to choose from, but this one in particular is very popular because of its durability and versatile design.

Some of the different features of the Fishing Tackle Classic Level Wind Star include:

  • Lightweight, corrosion-resistant components
  • Ported frame design in graphite
  • Stainless steel foot adds rigidity to the reel
  • Durable bushings for rugged use
  • T-style knobs with power handle

The main selling point of this trolling reel is definitely its sheer durability and solid overall build. The corrosion-resistant spool and side plates make this reel optimal for saltwater fishing. You will never have to worry about needing to rinse this reel out when you go fishing out on the open ocean, which is always a good thing.

The machine cut brass and stainless steel gearing also makes this reel very sturdy and dependable. There is a self-lubricating gear system and a stainless steel level wind line guide system that will allow you to guide the line where you want it to go on the water. Whats nice is that Okuma has backed this reel with a 1 year warranty.

You will find that there are three different models available, including the CLX-200La, CLX-300La, and the CLX-450La. Each of these models offer a different retrieve rate, mono capacity, weight, gear ratio, and maximum drag lb.

The CLX-200La has a gear ratio of 5:1:1, a retrieve rate of 23, and bushing bearings. The CLX-300La has a weight of 15 lbs, bushing bearings, a maximum drag of 17 lb, a gear ratio of 3:8:1, and a retrieve rate of 24. The CLX-450La has a total weight of 16 lbs, bushing bearings, a maximum drag of 18 lb, a gear ratio of 3:8:1, and a retrieve rate of 25.

The ported graphite frame design makes this trolling reel very tough and able to withstand years of regular use without showing much noticeable wear at all. If you are currently looking for a strong reel that is going to last, this one is definitely one of the better choices you will have.

Pros and Cons

There are lots of positive aspects to this trolling reel, including its impressively durable and solid overall design. The stainless steel reel foot offers quite a bit of strength, and there is also the stainless steel levelwind line guide system. The graphite frame design means that you can count on this reel to last a very long time, making it incredibly dependable for all anglers. Priced at under $40, you simply won’t find many other trolling reels that give you so much for so little.


The Okuma Fishing Tackle Classic Level Wind Star is definitely one of the better trolling reels currently on the market, and it has a lot to offer for a very low price. If you are on a budget but still need a reel that you can depend on, this one is certainly a good overall pick.