Daiwa Lexa High Capacity Low-Profile Reel Review

The Daiwa Lexa High Capacity Low-Profile reel is a great investment for experienced left-handed angler. This reel offers the kind of durability and performance you need when it comes to catching fish of all sizes.

Some of the features of the Lexa High Capacity Low-Profile reel include:

  • Hyper speed left hand retrieval
  • Aluminum frame and side plate
  • 7 bearing system
  • Magforce Cast Control
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse
  • Swept handle with weight-reducing cutouts
  • Compatible with LEXA Rods

You will quickly notice that this baitcasting reel has a lot to offer, including hyper speed left hand retrieval for left-handed anglers who want to pull in their fish as quickly and efficiently as possible. The infinite anti-reverse feature will also come in handy when you are trying to pull in a big fish that would normally give you a lot of trouble.

Those who purchase this reel will be able to use it with any LEXA rod, and it’s highly recommended that you do. If you enjoy fishing for Atlantic salmon, this may be the rod to get. Its overall performance is incredibly smooth and offers the additional power that you need to get the fish onto your boat. Anglers who tend to go fishing for the bigger fish will definitely want to give this reel a try because of everything it offers.

You can use this reel for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, though it is primarily designed for the latter. The power handle on this reel will allow you to really crank the reel when you get a big fish on the end of the line. Not to mention his is an extremely powerful reel, especially for its size.

As far as baitcasting reels go, this one is priced fairly low at around $150. Most of these types of reels that are this cheap don’t have a lot to offer, but this one is definitely different and worth the price. You will also get a fair amount of drag along with external brake adjustments.

This reel has a lot of positive online reviews from those who have actually purchased and used it, which is certainly a good sign. If you are looking for a new baitcasting reel, you will definitely find that this one is worth taking a very close look at.

Pros and Cons

The sheer versatility and high-performance of this reel are definitely reason enough to buy it, but there is also the 7 bearing system as well as the infinite anti-reverse. This reel is priced very reasonably, especially when you consider all of the great features you are getting. If you want the smoothest possible performance from your reel, this one in particular is an excellent option to think about.

One of the few drawbacks of this reel is that it could be a little more durable. The construction is largely plastic, which is somewhat to be expected considering the price.


Overall, the Daiwa Lexa High Capacity Low-Profile reel is a great investment for experienced anglers who refuse to settle for anything less than the great quality and reliability that is Daiwa. If you want to start bringing in the big fish with minimal effort, this reel can definitely help you do the easy lifting.