Best Fishing Plier Reviews

Fishing Plier Buying Guide

Fishing Pliers are a tool that every angler or boater can not go without. They serve so many functions that we often take for granted. Have you ever hit the water and left behind your set of pliers? If so, you quickly understand the importance of this little tool and how difficult a fishing trip can turn without them. We often use them for so many common functions that go overlooked. Below I will highlight and review the uses and important features of the pliers we depend on.

Uses of Pliers

We use pliers for so many purposes. Whether it be to fix a mechanical feature on a boat, take a fishing lure out of the mouth of a monster pike, or to cut the excess line off of a fresh lure, pliers are a must have. I recall a previous fishing trip in which me and a few of the boys embarked into a larger body of water in search of some fresh walleye. The trip from the boat launch to our spot was a solid 45 minute cruise. After a long day of successful walleye fishing, we raised the kicker motor and dropped the Verado 250 to take us home. The only problem was, the 250 wasnt firing. We were perplexed as this had been nothing but reliable and proceeded to remove the motor cowling. Upon inspection it was determined that a faulty fuse was the likely culprit. The only tool that stood between us being able to make the fuse swap or us being stranded and abusing our kicker motor for a long 4 hour trek to shore, was a set of pliers. We fortunately had two pairs and quickly made the swap. Needless to say we made it to shore safely thanks to the help of this tool. My advice to you is buy a good set and never leave home without them! Below I will detail the most important functions your pliers should have.

Pier Functions

Below in point form I have identified key functions you should look for in a set of pliers:

  • Knife- used for cutting purposes but also doubles as a flat head screwdriver.
  • Needle nose clamp- great for taking lures out of the mouths of fish and is a handy tool should you need some leverage in turning a bolt or grasping a small item, like a fuse.
  • Star and flat head screwdriver- important in the event your boat breaks down and you are not prepared with tools. Tools are often overlooked as a necessary component of your fishing arsenal and as such you can be left stranded if you are faced with motor complications.
  • Flashlight- a flashlight can be handy for some extra light if you are changing a lure at night or in emergency circumstances.
  • Bottle opener- well we all know the importance of a bottle opener!

As an avid angler I can not speak highly enough about the importance of having a good set of pliers on hand every time you hit the water. For a price generally below 20 dollars it is worth the investment.