Scotty Depthmaster Propack Electric Review

Scotty Depthmaster Propack Electric

The Scotty brand is popular among anglers and they’re known for the quality of their downriggers. The Scotty Depthmaster Propack Electric Downrigger continues to exemplify their reputation. It’s a bestseller for many reasons, and if you mean to run several lines out the back of your boat then 2 of these will get the job done.

Specs and Best Features:

This electric downrigger offers several features that can really help you when you’re on a deep sea or freshwater fishing adventure.

  • It has a very simple belt driven design, and the only time you’ll actually need to draw power from your 12V DC batteries is when you’re retrieving the cable from the water.
  • Its lift capacity reaches up to 20 pounds, compared to the paltry 12 pounds seen in inferior competitors.
  • The supports of the downrigger can really endure the weight, as the stainless steel boom is 1.25 inches in diameter, and it comes with a thick wall. You can get the 30-inch or the 60 boom which folds to just 36 inches.
  • It also features the Power Grip, which is the most recent line release mechanism from Scotty. It’s ergonomically designed to make it easier to use. It also comes with the Tension Adjuster, which lets you double the tension whenever it’s necessary. With the added tension, you can keep the line in its place until you get a bite.
  • The swivel base has a button you can press to get the downrigger into the right position for trolling, and you can choose from 16 different angles. Once you release the button, the swivel base locks in place.
  • The descent speed can be adjusted, so it can range from 5 to 300 feet per minute.
  • Other features include auto retrieve, a dual rod holder, a depth counter, and various stainless steel components. You also get a tilt mount plate, an electric plug and socket, and weight storage hook.

Pros and Cons

The Scotty Depthmaster Propack Electric Downrigger can be used for saltwater and fresh water fishing to target a wide variety of fish species. It comes with many advantageous features like the line releases, the depth counter, and the dual rod holder for stacking.

It is very efficient and powerful as well. The Power Grips work every time, and it adjusts easily when you need more power to hold the line. You can effortlessly handle the boom and the lever.

The profile design is also among the lowest in the industry. You get a more compact size because of the horizontal spool orientation, so it won’t stick up and get in your way while you’re fishing.

The downrigger can be installed fast and is very easy to use. You get two very fast ways to bring up the weight. You can just use a button to do it manually, or use the automatic feature that also shuts off automatically. The build is very durable, and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Even the price is competitive!

On the other hand, the simplicity of the design means that it may not offer more “high tech” features. The plug and socket design is not 100% water resistant, so water can come in contact with the connection.

Should You Buy It?

For the price, you really can’t complain. It’s very durable and despite its lack of extra features, it has all the basic things you could possibly need in a downrigger.  The Scotty Depthmaster Propack Electric Downrigger is without a doubt a practical choice.