Cannon Magnum 5 ST Electric Review

Cannon magnum 5 st electricIf you are passionate about deep water fishing and you use a large boat, you’ll understand the many benefits of an electric downrigger. Now when it comes to this type of downrigger, one of your best options is the Cannon Magnum 5 ST Electric Downrigger.

Specs and Best Features:

The Cannon Magnum 5 ST Electric Downrigger is not just a better choice compared to a manual downrigger when you’re in deep waters. In a lot of ways, it’s better than its competitors.

  • Perhaps the most notable advantage of the Magnum 5 ST is that its retrieval rate is fantastic. You can raise the weight from the depths into the surface at a rate of 250 feet per minute. That’s the fastest retrieval rate so far among all types of downriggers.
  • You will also get the Short Stop feature, which is a Cannon exclusive advantage. You just need to make sure that the boat is properly grounded, as the feature makes use of a small electrical current. What the Short Stop feature does is to automatically stop the weight right at the surface of the water. It prevents the lift motor from raising the weight into the pulley at the end of the boom.
  • It can handle weights of up to 20 pounds. There’s also a 3-digit depth counter so you can accurately position the weight at the right depth. You also get an integrated ball storage hook.
  • It offers easy spool access, and it has been pre-spooled with 250 feet of 150-pound test stainless steel cable. *Also comes with a line release.
  • It comes with a 24-inch heavy duty stainless steel boom.
  • The Magnum 5 ST comes with a dual axis adjustable rod holder and mounting base, so you can adjust it from side to side or up and down.
  • It also features the Cannon-exclusive Positive Ion Control. Fish are attracted by a slight positive charge. They tend to shy away from a strong positive or negative charge, and the grounded electrical system of your boat creates a negative field. With this feature, you can turn this field to a positive field.
  • The connections are IP68-waterproof, and the construction of the downrigger is resistant to corrosion.
  • It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Pros and Cons

The list of its features does prove that the Cannon Magnum 5 ST Electric Downrigger offers a lot of value for your money. It works as promised, and it really does save you a lot of time and effort. You’ll also appreciate the fact that it has fewer moving parts so fewer things can go wrong. And you can also easily access the spool, plugs, switches, and mounting knobs.

Perhaps the only drawback is the Cannon customer support, they’re not always helpful and sometimes you can expect wait times.

Should You Buy It?

The Cannon Magnum 5 ST Electric Downrigger is a very solid choice and it is also being used by commercial fishermen as well. The most recent customer reviews on Amazon gave it a perfect 5-star rating. If you want to catch some King Salmon then this equipment will help you do exactly that!