5 Best Lures to Catch Monster pike

pike1So you’re tired of catching small pike all day and are ready to step your game up. Catching monster pike really isn’t that difficult, especially if you have the right lures and bait. Let’s be real, pike will pretty much eat anything you put in front of it. But for some reason there are certain lures that just get the attention of big pike. When I’m in the mood for a trophy sized northern pike I always find myself reaching for the same 5 lures over and over again. There really is nothing better in life then reeling in a 10 lb northern. The fight is great and the excitement is second to none. So if you’re ready to step up your pike game be sure to stock the following 5 lures in your tackle box.

The Daredevil
This is my absolute favorite pike lure. It is a classic spoon that has caught angler’s big units over and over again. Its shine gets the fish’s attention and before you know it you’re reeling in a keeper. The key if to use a BIG daredevil. A red and white 5+ inch daredevil will do the trick-trust me.

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Jointed Rapalas
Use the biggest size you can find. Troll a jointed rap over shallow waters or bed beds for best results. These lures cause havoc on top of the water and will get the attention of pike. My top colors are fire tiger or blue for pike- these seem to work all year round in any conditions.

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Buzz Baits
These cause havoc underwater that will get the attention of lurking pike. The spinner will reflect light catching the eye of any nearby fish while the frilly lure part resembles a fish chasing the spinner. This is a classic lure that should be in any pike catchers box. Troll one of these at a slow speed in a moderate current for best results.

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Berkley Frenzy
This little fatty is an easy target for any fish. Use the biggest size you can find for pike. I prefer the fire tiger one and have had great results with it. The lure has a fairly big lip and is good in deeper waters. I love trolling with one of these and can cover a lot of ground with it.

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Rapala MaxRap
This is a great lure that mimics a wounded fish. Pike absolutely love an easy meal making this the perfect lure. Once again you want to use the largest size available. Troll these guys very slowly and wait for a monster to hit.

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Now there are several other lures out these that will land you big pike but these are my personal favorite. The important thing to note is that big pike want big lures. Worms and minnows typically won’t cut it if you’re going for trophy sizes. Check out our detailed how to catch pike and pike tips section for more information.

What’s your favorite pike lures? Comment below.

4 thoughts on “5 Best Lures to Catch Monster pike

  1. I’ve done lots of multispecies Fishing Tournaments. And grew up in central Minnesota fishing Northerns Incorporated with my dad for years. Long story short. If I’m Fishing the 12-14 weedline I prefer a Wade’s wobbler. 15-20 a Big-M. Deeper triple D and big earnie. Baglys work great but don’t hold up. Inline spinner on the Mississippi or casting the weed edge in the fall. There are lots of similar lures that I’ve caught them on too. These are my current standbys.

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